Comment: What liberty-loving principles did Romney just come into?

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What liberty-loving principles did Romney just come into?

"We presented great speeches by Mitt Romney and his brilliant choice for running mate, Paul Ryan. Other great speeches by Anne Romney, Marco Rubio, and a galaxy of others put our party’s best feet forward. The 2012 Republican Platform clearly expressed our conservative and liberty-loving principles."


"Mitt Romney strongly supports conservative principles – and he would undo the damage Obama has done.
He would end the slide into national bankruptcy, restore threatened liberties, and put our country on the path toward economic growth and more job opportunities."

The only brilliance in Mitt Romney selecting Paul Ryan was in his popularity boost -- neither of them will do anything to safeguard our liberties (since Obama, Romney and Ryan all love and support NDAA Sec. 1021, the Patriot Act, CISPA, the Fed, and bailouts to name a few. Yup, I'll sleep well at night knowing they're safeguarding our liberties). Nor will either administration bring our Troops home or seek an audit and an End to the Fed. So how does he propose that Romney will undo the damage Obama has done?