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I don't agree

1. Because I understood Ron Paul wanted us to become national delegates, and I wanted to be a national delegate for Ron Paul, I worked very hard against a committee that did not want me, to petition as a Ron Paul Republican. I qualified and was seated and became a national delegate. Romney won the election in CA so his delegates went.

I was very dissappointed as I worked hard campaigning for Ron Paul, had my car keyed, shunned, neighbors calling me racist, homophone, right wing wacko...and was even told my campaigning for Ron Paul would land me in a FEMA camp and not too soon. The GOP was as opposed to me as the liberals. That did not stop me. I attended the central committee meetings for a year before I was appointed a seat, as they hoped I would break the by-laws and they could get rid of me.. it'a always been about knocking the Ron Paul people out.

I see this past nomination as a robery and again, I see the GOP nominated Robme, not to win, but to repulse Ron Paul Republicans hand have them RUN, kick them to the streets again, where there is no power. While I am NOT happy about the nomination, I'm NOT going to run, not going to hide, not going to make their day and get lost. If getting lost is your principle, do what you want, but for me, my vote is not for robme, it's for the elected Ron Paul Republicans like myself. I will NOT abandon them so the rats can single them out and eat them alive. I'm going to stand tall and hold them to the oath they took to the constitution. Let's see how much they like being held to oaths. My prinicple is I may lose some battles, but this war for freedom is NOT over and the GOP is MY party, and while I DON'T like who they nominated, I don't like what THEY did, I'm sticking for the opportunity to continue to restore america to constitutional government. Obama will NOT give anyone that chance.. Romney has no choice,, maybe those 10 fat man do, but I'm STANDING against them too. There may not be many of us, but WE are the best Ron Paul has. WE did what he asked and those who didn't, those who are running to "better" candidates are abandoning us, in the name of principle.

2. There is no such thing as a lessor of two evils. There is NO presidential candidate I like in any way shpae or form. It was Ron Paul ALL THE WAY for me, so to compromise for anyone, GJ, Goode, anyone but Ron Paul is impoossible, yet I must vote and my Romney vote is not FOR Robme but FOR elected Ron paul Republicans. They need me and I need them tio Restore America. The Neocns and 10 fat men want Obama and I;'m not going to give them Obama, they can have the Robme they forced on us, because at least if affords Ron paul Republicans the opportuny to be in power to restore America. Did you know, so many people joined the GOP for Ron Paul the committee seats in the GOP grew and the committee seats in the Democratic party shrank. It's nearly half and half. Palin's people are now storming the GOP taking those seats so Ron Paul supports won't. We are being gamed, and if that's OK with you, do what you want. But if you're sick of being played, take a seat. Ron paul cured my apathy. It appears you still have yours.

3. It's NOT about the front men Robme and Cryin, it's about empowering elected Ron Paul Republicans PERIOD.

4. Robme SICKS, we all KNOW that, it's WHY the 10 fat cats forced him on us.. they want YOU OUT, back to the street, and what do you do? Exactly what they want and in the name of principle.

This is what your principles are empowering