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Sorry to disagree with you...

Just so you know I'm not voting for the two-party system. I'm either voting for Virgil Goode (Constitution Party) or writing in Ron Paul. I like Gary Johnson on a lot of issues, but not pro-choice. Can't do that.

The Presidency IS a puppet show. Only those who are anointed by the CFR and Bilderberg's etc, get in these days to fulfill their agenda. Obama has just gone really fast with the agenda and has awakened a sleeping giant. Romney will fulfill the agenda, just subtly. Incidentally, Romney was invited to the Bilderberg's secret meeting, so he's probably going to get in.

However, as Ron Paul has told us - focusing on the smaller races to get liberty candidates elected to represent us will pay off in the long run. Its good strategy to elect congressmen, senators, etc...who are Ron Paul Republicans and Tea Partiers (Tea party sometimes need a little help, but they're much better than the average neo-cons). So I don't understand why you wouldn't vote for even one of hundreds of thousands of Ron Paul Republicans (oh, if we should be so fortunate to have so many!!) and then expect them to understand why you didn't vote for even one of them?