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I see

1. The ten fat cats forced Romney on us, not to win, but to hand Obama another four years, to enable global corporations to solidify a global government, by, for, and of global corporations.

2. Eliminate Ron Paul Republicans, by chasing the grassroots away by repulsing them, (evoking fear and loathing) and filling the vacuum with another Republican running as a libertarian who will not win, and is not in it to win.

Those who are running away are:

1. Abandoning the elected Ron Paul Republicans
2. Giving up the good fight by willingly defaulting FOR Obama

Ron Paul's campaign grew the GOP so that my committee gained 5 additional seats, that the Democrats lost. It was 21 GOP seats to 40 Democratic. It is now 26 GOP seats to 35 Democratic.

The GOP had empty seats. My first meeeting had 2 seated members both former Democrats. The Democratic Party's seats were full. The Libertarian Party has NO seats in this county and in the majority of counties. It is a toothless party, a spoiler party, for those who vote issues and feelings.

Palin's people appear to be more politically astute, for they are taking OUR seats, as Republicans are NOW registering LP, AFTER the seats were handed out.

We are being PLAYED. Leaving the GOP and going to GJ IS THE FAT CAT PLAN FOR YOU because THEY Don't want YOU to have POWER.

With those seats we have power to CHANGE THE LAWS OF OUR COUNTIES.

You will not achive what you hope to achieve by abandoning your elected Ron Paul Republicans, not getting a committee seat, giving up the good fight because you are repulsed.. THEY REPULSED YOU PURPOSELY, TO MAKE YOU LEAVE.

I'm sorry to see so many good people run away in the name of principle. Principle finds a way to fight a good fight. When you LOVE something, really LOVE something, YOU FIGHT FOR IT, in this case the IT is Ron Paul Republicans who are the heirs to his message in government.

Ron Paul picked the GOP, none of us did. We can not abandon a two year elected committment and rebuke our loyalty oaths because that's what THEY want.

So, I am sorry to see posts like yours, and sorrier that you find mine bizzare and you don't compute, and sorriest of all that I believe that you don't.