Comment: Who ever we vote for we should not reward the Duopoly!

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Who ever we vote for we should not reward the Duopoly!

Whether we vote Gary Johnson or write in Ron Paul we should try and get a very large block voting. We are having the same problem that stopped the Tea party in their tracks, everyone has their own idea on what should be done or vote for. The Tea Party split in different direction and became ineffective.

After what the RNC done to the Paul delegates, we need to try and punish them. If we can remove 10 to 15% block from the duopoly and give it to another candidate this would send shockwaves through the GOP. They would think twice before doing this again, because it could be the end of the duopoly.

I remember when Ross Periot took a large voting block and gave the election to Bill Clinton. The GOP was wandering around like lost puppies the first year. This was the time when Rush Limbaugh show really took off and got the GOP back on the Wrong track.

Who ever we do vote for we should vote to punish the GOP for their past sins. I am leaning towards the Libertarian Party, if we could get the party up to 20% this would really hurt the GOP. I don't believe Gary Johnson has a chance to win. The election is in Obama's hands no matter what.

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