Comment: To the O.P.

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To the O.P.

Sir, at some point the conspiracy has to end. At some point it will turn on you and the revolution. You will begin to fear what you sought to protect in you deep paranoia. And what happens when you get that far down the rabbit hole?

You get dumb ass articles like this:

I do not subjugate myself to ass kissers. I do not take an oath that usurps my government. I am a mason and proud of it. Is there a conspiracy in Masonry? I don't know. But to group all of us together is purely ignorant and hurts really good men and charities.

To attack a group is as bad as bush attacking Islam. You are becoming like our political enemies and you need to realize it.

O and that article shows that Carol Paul is Order of the Eastern Star. I bet in your deeply paranoid mind she's a deadly oath taker ass kisser satanist too huh??? Learn that your paranoia can go too far sometimes. Decide for yourself on facts not ignorance.