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liberty isn't, gary is

What you have probably noticed is that a lot of daily paul, people that have been keeping track of gj long before this election, don't really think he is a liberty candidate. Many posts have been written about this, and the fact that you can once again repeat "but he is a liberty candidate", still doesn't make it right. He is a liberty candidate that supports wars, supports leaving bases overseas (leaving them there..), supports FED and price fixing and so much more that constitutes a pillar of what we fought against all these years.

If you want to make an impression on GOP, there is one sound way, unless gary johnson's people here on daily paul don't manage to completely destroy that movement. And that is the fact that you can vote for Ron Paul as easily and as legitimately as for GJ, in 42 states. It counts as though he was picked in primary. So what you all are effectively doing here is lying to people that they can't do that because "Ron Paul is not running anymore", and dividing the movement by pushing forward a candidate that doesn't fair well even amongst our midst, hasn't really campaigned at all near the scale that other candidates have, and so on.

What you are securing here is that neither ron nor gary get enough votes to make an impact.

So, will you vote for fed, for price fixing, for "justified, cost-benefit" wars, when you still have the option not to?