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Silent ?

Why are you talking about?
He just released an audio update on our efforts on audit the fed and said everything he been working for comes down to the next 4 weeks.
This years presidential campaign was all about getting capital to pass the audit bill in the senate.
2016 is when the battle comes to an end with victory.
it took 12 years to win the revolutionary war.
The astrological alignment is exactly the same right now as it was 4 years prior to the end of the revolutionary war.
History is repeating it self.
It was Maine 4 years prior to the end of the war that had the greatest victory by I think capturing a few ships.
Maine began the end of the monarchs rule on America. 4 years later America was free.
That's why Maine has the saying as Maine goes so goes the nation.
We are in the heat of battle right now.
Paul has given us our marching orders cfl needs 1.5 million dollars in the next week or EVERYTHING RON PAUL HAS DONE WILL BE A MOOT POINT!!!