Comment: Good luck. - You'll need it. Do you know who sits on that

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Good luck. - You'll need it. Do you know who sits on that

commission? Ex chairs of the respective parties!

Do you know why they control the debates?

Because the League of Women Voters gave it up.

Why? Because of the nonsense of the Dems and Reps acting like spoiled children.

You see, there's no rule that the CPD runs things.

It's by circumstance. The two parties agreed never to enter a debate that wasn't scripted and controlled by the CPD. Thus it isn't that they were given any power - they just simply refuse to debate anyone else and no one can MAKE them.

The only possible way around this would be to set a federal law on it, and that might not pass constitutional scrutiny.

The only other way around it is for any other candidates who are on enough ballots - to have say the LWV host a debate for them and spend money publicizing it as the "non scripted" real debate. It would have to be with candidates that had enough organization and money to have a shot at winning.

Then you'd have two competing debate events. But America would learn that there are other real candidates out there.

The kicker is - unless you have the organization and the money - you are NOT going to win - debates or not.

So - go out there and build up some parties then.