Comment: Ah … the sound of our “Attaack Waatch” $$$ at work.

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Ah … the sound of our “Attaack Waatch” $$$ at work.

Tell Obama to show us mindless peons the damned hard-copy birth certificate, release his college transcripts, stop murdering US citizens, and get one of Michelle's servants to take a can of Dust-Off to that old copy of the Constitution that's wadded-up in the broom closet upstairs, and then to read the damn thing.

Also, please tell him to stand in line at an airport and just try and maintain that bullshit grin of his while he watches his daughters get molested by blue-shirted TSA pedophiles, like how every other mindless fucking idiot American for some reason does.

Thanks Lance, Go F$&k Yourself! Love Ya!