Comment: I'm glad a summary like this

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I'm glad a summary like this

I'm glad a summary like this of a thorough examination by engineers eventually surfaces up to the public.

I never could buy in the collapses of those huge structures in such A SHORT RANGE OF TIME (as explained by the official version).

But I never could tell anybody. Nobody would care anyway.

I don't know when we'll finally have the full blown truth, but here's my bet :

yes there were explosives used, yes, very likely, extremely powerful ones (e.g., C4 in large quantity or even nastier or whatnot, I have no clue) and here's where I'd have put them : at the very bottom of the master supporting beams / columns. I'd have weakened the feet, chopped them off, right above the foundations, as much as possible.

I don't see any other way to explain those towers collapsing in a matter of just a couple hours. The theory of fire weakening the steel THAT FAST AND WITH THAT MUCH DAMAGES to the steel's initial strength, for the final outcome that we all know, really sounds ridiculous.

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