Comment: Being called paranoid by a Mason amazes me.

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Being called paranoid by a Mason amazes me.

Why do you use all you funny handshakes and code speech to identify yourselves?

Is that not paranoia?

Why do you limit access to knowledge based on (I assume) the worthiness of the mason in question?

Is that not paranoia?

Why are your meetings not open to the public who are not masons?

(I respect your right to have private meetings.. but if I don't trust what goes on in those meetings because of your actions in society, calling me paranoid is unfair.)

Is that not paranoia?

History shows that we are not talking about conspiracy theories, there are enough facts that show you "folks" in constant positions of power and taking advantage of the weak of mind who support your wars and everything but Libertarian ideologies.

Still think I am the paranoid one? You will not convince me and I doubt you will convince Ron Paul supporters as we have learned well to be critical thinkers and we reach our conclusions on our own.

You are asking people to believe in the Masons and we are sick of believing, we choose knowing over believing.

I try to change people every day. Do You?