Comment: Clinging? On to hope? Really?

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Clinging? On to hope? Really?

I am sorry. But without "hope" what else do we have to cling on to?
I have been campaigning for Ron Paul for the past five years none stop, not even knowing for sure that he would even run again. Do you call that clinging? You can of course.
And during this campaign, just about the time everyone was willing to keep fighting (against all odds) that genius Benton would say something that would take a little wind out of the sail, or some mole would get people all confused about what was going on so that people would lose trust in the strategy of the campaign. We would get a good head of steam going and someone would remove the kettle from the fire just enough to slow us down.
We all knew from the start what we were up against. Many of us watched the GOP infiltrate and take over the TEA party movement a few years ago, and we knew exactly what was up with that. But we were at the same time infiltrating the party and working from the inside there as well. So some of us overlooked the TEA party takeover because we were busy spreading the liberty message and handing out literature to educate the new people. Unfortunately most of them were hanging on every word of the GOP insiders that had moved in with an agenda to support only the establishment republican candidates and platform by calling it "liberty" even when it was not or they were not. Case in point...Mitt Romney.
Believe me...I would sit here at times and ask WHY when reading how Benton (or the campaign) was fighting with whoever over some trivial issue concerning the campaign not being able to support a grassroots effort going on. And a number of other stupid mistakes in progress that should have never happened. But hey...most of us are libertarian minded, and libertarians have one thing in common, that being we never agree on everything. Which to me is way cool. It is individual liberty in motion.
To get to the point here though.
Of course we cling. And when it is because of some of our most loyal liberty fighter squad in the field (the delegates) wanting to try to get Ron Paul to keep up the good fight, the same fight that he started and 'they' have continued to try their best to support the man and the gosh we will defend their courage and wishes over the alternative any day and every day of the week.
Now what is wrong with that?