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Comment: Is this actually true?

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Is this actually true?

Can this be confirmed by a more reputable news source? I was trying to find out who voted and how such a thing could happen, but I can't find evidence that Villere is indeed the co-chair.

The GOP site still ists Sharon Day:
Sharon Day's facebook page still says that she is the co-chair:

And the RNC rules say that the co-chair and the chair have to be different genders. Now I certainly don't want to verify Villere's gender, but he does APPEAR to be male. O_o

Also, it says that they voted Friday, AFTER the convention was supposedly over. Now, it wouldn't be the greatest violation of the rules that the RNC has demonstrated, but it would give us more ammo if they held a secret vote for the position that violated multiple rules. (Not that rules matter anymore- they could just change them. -.-)