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Ron Paul is aware that Ralph Nader and his team of experienced election workers, angry at the stolen election in 92, putting Bill Clinton in office, motivated them to get an Independent candidate on the ballot in 50 states.

For four elections, these brave patriots faced a hostile environment where the two major parties teamed up to break arms, noses, vadalize their cars, homes, robbed them of petitions, cameras, tore up petitions, harrassed them, false arrests, false imprisonment, spit on, police watched and even helped crimes against Nader's campaigners, forcing them out of areas they had legal right to petition, Nader was arrested for showing up at a debate. They earned dozens of law suits in dozens of states, the judges refused to hear the cases, threw them out, and MSM didn't report one incident. It took the combined help of 7 third parties, Libertarian, Green, Peace and Fredom, socialist, constitution, communist party and Reform party all worked together to put Nader on the ballot as an Indy, and he could not get 50 states, Oklahoma refused, and the best they could get is 15%, and the government refused to pay.

Ron Paul did not, and does not, want to put his supporters through the living HELL Nader's supporters faced.