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Really approachable

The same day as the interview Gov. Johnson met with a small group in Downtown Denver at an Irish Pub to meet & greet.

He was extremely open and answered any & all questions freely. If he wasn't sure he said so. If he had a differing opinion he said so & why without dodging.

Afterwards I spoke to him about entrepreneurship and how we have this chance to pull ourselves out of this economic mess by innovating. He took off with the subject, very passionate. He related this back to the nation saying we need to free up the market and create 50 laboratories of innovation. If we eliminate the regulations on starting a business more people will make the leap.

We also spoke about athletics, I was amazed he is 59 and was about to do the Leadville 100 MTB Race: You have to qualify for this race and it is brutal.

All around, a very positive man. He never spoke negatively about the competition, just what he would change, do better or differently.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo