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Start Today - Do Not Wait

Here is how to make a MAJOR impact:

RP should announce a 2016 third party run TODAY. It could be any third party or a new one. (True - I hate third parties but hear me out).

This will show the big boys that something serious is brewing and, hopefully, they will try to save this country before it is entirely lost. Maybe more voters will learn how to question the actions of the Republicans and Democrats in time for the 2012 election.

RP should announce today, also because this will be a four year project - there is no way to convince the country to vote third party with only a short campaign.

The next four years should be used to build a major infrastructure for the Ron Paul party to become a household brand.

Even if he drops out, he would have put the RP brand on the map and people will start to question monopoly party actions. We might have influenced the 2012 elections. It will be easier for future liberty candidates to be taken seriously. We might create a serious third party. And RP might squeak into the White House.

I lost my Facebook password, but I will post this on FB later.

Gene Louis
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