Comment: RNC/Romney corruption - our job to let Americans know

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RNC/Romney corruption - our job to let Americans know

In response to what Doug Wead wrote, I have two comments:

First, as to what just occurred on the part of the state GOP's; Romney campaign; and RNC to prevent Ron Paul from having a fair chance as a presidential candidate, I'm not sure how we'd do this (more than what I and likely others have been doing, telling friends as different things have occurred), but I think there needs to be greater awareness among the general public of what just went on. The Republican Party is counting on people just forgetting about it. We can't let that happen. Let us be a thorn in their side from now til kingdom come.

I explained what happened to one "apolitical" friend - she hadn't been aware of any of it - and she was furious. She said she didn't know if she'd even vote this time; now she says she'll vote for Johnson. SOME of what went on made it into the mainstream media - such as the New York Times and others reporting on the impromptu change from five to eight states to be nominated at the convention. But that HARDLY told the whole picture! And too much was never reported at all except, on occasion, via local media.

There needs to a SUMMARY somewhere, with dates and places (perhaps links): from the earliest vote anomalies during the primaries straight through to Ron Paul's being robbed of his right to speak at the convention. Other links might include that documentary on vote rigging, or a clip of the recent DNC vote against a platform item that was simply disregarded. This disingenuousness is hardly limited to the Republicans. I'd title it something like: DOES IT MATTER HOW AMERICANS VOTE? Something tangible is needed, with all of it on one sheet, each ISSUE memorably titled (such AS "Remember The Maine" for the RNC usurpation of power over the states). People could make copies to give to family, friends, and neighbors; have it on some information table (or passed around) at tea party rallies in Sept/Oct or other civic functions; to serve as a base of information for writing letters to editors (and maybe if the document was on some website, a link could be provided); sent also to our governors. We need a DATED RECORD of EVENTS... with maybe a tag line, WHO WILL THEY SILENCE NEXT? (This will all be coming from concerned citizens like me, unrelated to issues, of no (negative) consequence to liberty-minded individuals working within the party system.)

Second, as to whom to vote for. I thought the Chuck Baldwin article was good, weighing alternatives such as Doug Wead did. I thought he had a good point as to why NOT to vote for Romney: "No, I don't buy the "anybody-but-Obama" mantra, either! In many ways, an unprincipled, compromising pseudo-conservative Republican is worse than an obviously liberal Democrat. The patriots of 1776 had far more to fear from Benedict Arnold than they did King George. An enemy easily identified is much less formidable than one who marches in the uniform of an ally."

I myself will probably vote for Gary Johnson. I wasn't going to vote for big gov't/pro-war John McCain last time, so I voted Libertarian, someone whose name I'd never heard of. At least this time I'll know who it is, and while he's not Ron Paul (no one is), I like him. I truly do not believe the Republican Party cares, but regardless, they'll know that most of Johnson's votes are votes from Ron Paul supporters.

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