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I Agree With You

One technique is to take over the Republican Party. Many good people are trying that now. Some are even succeeding on a local level. If that is what you want to do, then continue. No argument here.

But, trying to work exclusively with the 'good 'ole club' is not for me anymore. I've already tried the Republican Party - for over forty years. They have no morals or concrete rules. I do not want to limit myself to working with them anymore but I will always be ready if it looks like there is an opportunity to succeed. No more blind hope for me.

I would prefer to see if there is any way to spark the enthusiasm of those who want nothing to do with people who are guaranteed to steal, cheat, and lie.

Third parties are dead in the water because the voting majority will not elect their candidates. But third parties are only dead because of the voters, who might be persuaded to open their eyes, just as they did with Jesse Ventura for Governor. Or some of the Senators who won outside the monopoly parties. Ross Perot was shown beating the Republicans and Democrats at one point.

That is why I suggest a start by RP with a third party launch four years BEFORE the next election. Even if he drops out, he will have continued to keep the hope in the minds of the public. There is no point in saying that we should have started to take over the Republican party four years ago. We have to start today with with a new idea that has a chance to work

But, quite frankly, my greatest hope is that someone younger will come along and take the place of RP as a unifier. With five or six million people working in concert, the party will not matter.

Gene Louis
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