Comment: “I'll take ‘Contentious Cargo Cults’ for $500, Alex”

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“I'll take ‘Contentious Cargo Cults’ for $500, Alex”

Alex Trebek: “Righty-O”
ding ding Ding…
Trebek: “And it appears be a Video Daily Double! And the clue is: this video.”
Contestant #1: buuzzzZZZZp (presses buzzer)
Trebek: “Contestant One.”
Contestant #1: “Who are Richard Gilbert's Twitter followers”?
Trebek: “I'm sorry that is wro—”
Contestant #2: buzzZZst
Trebek: “Contestant Number Twoo.”
Contestant #2: “Who are … the Lawyers For Ron Paul”?
Trebek: “Awwww. Soooo close. The correct question was actually:
‘Who still believes a single damn thing that the Lawyer For Ron Paul says’?
And remember ladies and gentlemen, that's singular, since there's only one lawyer.”