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Comment: I was agreeing with you.

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I was agreeing with you.

It's not even a conspiracy. Jews openly admit they control America. But whenever one of us goyim point it out, we are called "bigots" and "hatemongers". Go figure.

Also, I am not ashamed to admit that I admire Hitler. He was not perfect, but he is nothing like the demon he has been made out to be. Once one gets past the fairytale of the Holocaust™, one sees a man who only wanted to do what was best for his people, and who bravely stood up to very dangerous powers (much like Dr. Paul). That he has been so endlessly lied about (gay satanist, seriously?) and demonized is a testament to the power that the Zionists wield over us.

I strongly believe, as Ernst Zündel said, there will come a day when the people will rise up against these cultural Marxists just as Germany did. That day will not be pretty, but if we ever hope to be free, it will be the only way.