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OK but what about...

I'm guessing there are lots of stand up guys that view pr0n.

I worked for a major international relief agency in the IT dept. One fine day we decided to throw in some auditing software and see where everybody was surfing. It was kind of in the early days of the net. Well let me tell you, these righteous and benevolent executives of that organization, pretty much anybody with a private office was spending most of their time day trading or viewing pr0n. A small and highly contained scandal erupted. If that had leaked to the press it would have put a SERIOUS DENT in the agency's reputation, fundraising, celebrity advocates, etc. etc.

Well normally these guys were highly productive and respected people. Though one wonders how given as all they did was surf pr0n half the time. Really top-notch support staff these guys had.

I personally view pr0n as a form of artwork and I personally don't care for most of what I've seen. But this relegates the matter to personal taste for which I have learned there is absolutely NO ACCOUNTING. I grew up thinking people are more of less the same but there are people out there into some SERIOUSLY WEIRD SHIBBET.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.