Comment: The Economic Collapse Will Prevent Grassroots Donations Small

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The Economic Collapse Will Prevent Grassroots Donations Small

The establishment, especially an incumbent Romney presidency will make it nearly impossible for Ron Paul to compete financially. If a Romney Presidency fails there will be an outcry fro Hillary Clinton to run and she will have the support of the DNC and the bankers..

Either way, Ron Paul probably won't be able to compete because only the grassroots will donate to him. If the economy tanks how is Ron Paul going to get enough money to travel across America to campaign and get his message out? How is he going to get money for advertizing, plane fair, hotels, food and security detail?

No, we had our chance in 2012 and we could compete fairly because of all the fraud and dirty tricks, not to mention what happened at the RNC..

He will however, have the name recognition, but the media will just ignore him and marginialize him once again like they did in 2007 and 2012..

Ron Paul is the right man but we will have the same issues to overcome once again..

What is going to change?

If anyone can prove to me that we will be able to compete financially and get treated more fairer than we have in the past, then I'm in..

But, there is alot that can and will happen to prevent this event from happening..

Ron Paul needs to expand his base considerably to be competitve. Only then will anyone take him as a serious candidate.

We did all we could do to expand it and we failed. I don't see how in another four years is going to make one bit of difference.

The Paul supporters need to wait at least 2 years before any of this talk makes any sense, not to mention Dr. Paul's age. He will be 80 years old. No one is going to vote for someone that old. The people want young fresh faces. They will use this as a big reason not to support someone who as old as Moses..