Comment: they took our liberty, disabled our pursuit of happiness

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they took our liberty, disabled our pursuit of happiness

"There can never be fair challenge between honest men and thieves."

Both the democratic party and the Republican party do not want the grassroots involved. The fewer people they have involved the better it is for them. Grassroots movements instigate actual change in government. They're passionate about new ideas. They are inspired by virtue. Without the grassroots involved the two parties can more easily manufacture their artificial reality to sell to the much larger, much less inspired and wrongly informed masses. They only need voters that are so far removed from the truth that they'll believe anything you tell them as long as you tell them often enough to keep them focused and as long as its branded to their liking.. I'm sorry but they don't need grassroots, they don't want us and they definitly don't fear us. Even if they did, would you want someone to respect you because they could get some kind of temporary superficial benefit from doing so; or would you rather be respected in sincerity? The parties will go on without grassroots. They will appoint their candidates themselves and then theyll make sure to make enough lobby deals to afford the propaganda to sell their appointed minions to the shallow voting pool. They don't even care for a majority vote as long as it can be imagined that an opportunity was given to achieve one. George Carlin was absolutely correct when he said, "it's a big club; and you ain't in it."

It's time to walk away. It's time to let this system, these people, these politicians go. When you walk away they will lose power. When individuals just stop paying attention to them, to their arbitrary rules, when we invoke our liberty and refuse to let them steal one more dime from ourselves and our families, when we stop allowing them to abuse us and our children; only then will we be free to pursue happiness once again.