Comment: Liberty Movement Via Ron Paul or Gary Johnson

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Liberty Movement Via Ron Paul or Gary Johnson

Sure individuals can stop harming each other or sniping. The Presidential race is virtually awash this election. We have a choice between a neo con and a socialist/facism idealouge. If you wish to support or work for Gary Johnson/Virgil Goode, then realize neither has a real shot at the Presidency.

in 2012, the numbers game puts Ron Paulat 2.1 Million primary votes out of 19-20 million.

2012 General election LP candidate Gary Johnson 500-750k votes out of 130-140 million. Does anyone not pay attention to the arthimetic? If you want our ideals implemented in the Presidency, then wait for a Rand Paul candidacy. Our movement needs to grow to ten million strong to win the GOP Presidential primary and over 70-80 million in the general election. If you do not understand that if Ron Paul cannot get elected someone with less influence/resources such as Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode does not have a real prayer.