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My speculation :

My speculation :

"Conclusion…controlled demolition...So my question is WHO and WHY"

WHO ? I let you guess.


As maybe silly as it seems, it is also maybe worth giving it a thought twice, just for the sake of it; the bottom line is, I'd put it as "large scale mind control" (over the U.S. People).

So, shall we see ? Controlled demolition MIGHT bring you :

1. definitive outcome

2. high visibility

3. overwhelming, spectacular event of (1) and (2) -- MSM loves the spectacular that doesn't require long, knowledgeable, elaborations for the audience -- the easier to dumb down the message's "conclusion" (bad guys vs. good guys), the better -- "BLOWBACK" is too complicated for your average dude, it requires knowing a bit about "History" (like U.S. intervention in Afghanistan in the 80's, to piss off the Russians by funding Al Qaeda, etc)

4. in turn, (3) implies maximum killings (in the scale of your target's size anyway)

5. also, by definition of demolition : a pretty convenient, timely unfolding of (1), (2), (3), (4) altogether, fitting nicely for real time TV broadcasts (instead of a fire spanning several days and getting boring)

6. in turn, (5) induces optimal psychological shock for low cost (explosives implementation is "cheap", once the planes were already known to come to trigger the catching of everybody's attention)

WHY of the WHY ?

triggering a "spontaneous" appeal (or unfirm rejection, for the least) for the Patriot Act's **CONTENT**, and what ensued, maybe ? E.g., NDAA...

Makes sense ?

... or not at all ?

Hint : check out what is FACTUALLY surrounding my "WHY of the WHY" ever since 9/11.


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