Comment: If the economy crashes, Gold

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If the economy crashes, Gold

If the economy crashes, Gold will skyrocket. So I see no problem for Ron Paul supporters to donate.

However I see one for the big banks, because they can no more just print the money to fund a campaign.

What is important now, is to educate about the economy as much as possible. There should be something really big like a TV show for the sheep that helps to educate the people so they learn what the problems are and get to the right soulution. But I don't know how to establish such a thing in the biased media. Maybe the Judge could do something like this...

Get the word of Austrian Economics and Ron Paul out to as many people as possible and they will cry for him when the crash occurs. I think most of the Republicans except a few neocons have already reached that point. If the crash had occured before the primary, Ron Paul would have won in a landslide. The only problem are some brainwashed liberals who just haven't even the slightest clue about economics and are ignorant, in addition. They will probably reach out to Communism after the crash. So our job is to educate those who are open minded and willing to listen. About the other ones I've given up all hope, already years ago. It's just impossible to teach them anything which is based by logic. They just don't understand it...