Comment: "Are you a Mason? If not, what do you "know" exactly?"

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"Are you a Mason? If not, what do you "know" exactly?"

I am not a Mason and I can certainly say that I will never submit to that sort of human slavery. I have no need or fetish to submit myself to any master.

"If not, what do you "know" exactly?"

Look up at my previous response.

""i doubt that your reasoning will have any influence on what I know" then why should anyone bother?"

They shouldn't, yet you do.

""Masons seem to believe that they are winners because they believe that they control the game."

What game is that and provide some back for your claim."

Once you can explain "my claim" I will explain to you "the game".

""Ideologically empty and like a second class mafia, they crawl in the darkness because they fear that their ideas be exposed to the light of scrutiny by those who they consider are not worthy of their hoarded knowledge. "

What the hell are you talking about? Are you on meds?"

Thank you for confirming my point about being ideologically empty, you would explain it to me otherwise if you defended one, but instead you claim ignorance witch I can comprehend.

Am I on meds? You need to define that because it depends on what you are implying.

"I can't really take your post serious because your whole premise is based on your own made-up nonsense..."

Just because it does not make sense to you now, it does not mean that it may or not in the future.

Trust me when I say that I do not hate you.

I try to change people every day. Do You?