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Paul himself said he figured

Paul himself said he figured his votes were 2-3 times the number he got because of those uncomfortable with voting in the Republican primaries (like my own father who loves Paul, but can't stand social conservationism and that stereotype of a Republican). Then just like Jess Ventura running as 3rd party in his state for governor started at 10% and ended up winning because of the debates... the same can happen here... especially when the other two candidates are more of the same, 46% of Americans have been polled saying they feel like they only have "two evils" to choose between and 60-80% have said they're willing to consider a 3rd party candidate... a 3rd party has a chance.

NOW... it's still not easy... and even though I think he makes a better president than a piece of paper that says "Ron Paul" on it... you're still missing how big of an impact Johnson being in the debates will make. And not just in 2012 either. If the GOP loses or wins by a small margin WHILE a 3rd Party candidate has a huge number compared to the 1%'s of the past... they will 1. Realize they (almost) lost because they lost the Ron Paul and 2 party disenfranchised voters 2. Won't feel like they can afford losing us again through cheating and alienating 3. Might even promote a candidate we want as they want to win (by a larger margin) in 2016.

You're comparing the 70's to 2012?

Have you really not paid attention to the impact the internet has made?

Paul's support DOUBLED in 4 years time BECAUSE of the internet.

Knowing what you're talking about is required if you're going to be living here in reality... unless you want to keep sabotaging potential with your ever unknowing carelessness.

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