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I had a thought.

If you are a Gary Johnson hater, don't read the posts about him. (And maybe don't make new posts about him?)
If you are still supporting Ron Paul, a candidate that is no longer a candidate, carry on. Face reality. He is not running for ANY OFFICE!! He is retiring. Let the man retire!
Find candidates you can support and vote for them.
Stop attacking people that do support Gary Johnson.
Run out and give granger a big high five as she admits she is going to vote for Willard. Now there is a shining example of a "true" Ron Paul supporter!
I am pretty sure Ron would rather you vote for Gary Johnson over Willard.
I love the attacks on Gary for believing that congress should declare war before we enter into military action, or issue a letter of marque and reprisal. There are so many here that sing the voice of liberty only to shut others down because they might voice a different opinion. Shame on all of you that think only your opinion is the right one. (how very libertarian of you.)

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