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Would you like to explain your post? I consider myself a pure Libertarian (in the Rothbardian tradition), I'd like to know why you think Libertarians can't think in terms of anything other than dogma (I perceived it as a diss pertaining to the Libertarian solution to the current forum topic/picture).

The nature of principles is to transcend boundaries: ethnic, racial, gender, time, national, etc. They can be applied to concrete situations -- any situation. Libertarianism is a blueprint for the just conduct of human interactions.

Actually, after reading your earlier post. I'll add this: nothing about government is voluntary. It's very nature is antithetical to Liberty and a society of voluntary exchange and association.

Do you acknowledge self-ownership? How do people come to justly own property outside of themselves? At what point is it acceptable, in your view, to deviate from property-rights as the legal basis for society?

Thomas Paine is stho nasty.