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1. There are libertarian

1. There are libertarian principles at the core of valid arguments on both sides of the abortion issue. A valid argument doesn't counter a valid argument, but that doesn't stop people from turning a belief into such a part of their identity and ego that it's enough to say "MY WAY IS THE ONLY WAY!" Abortion is a gray area whether you feel it is or not. I'm pro-life and I can make that observation.

2. BOTH Paul and Johnson are for states' rights. Aka... neither of their personal beliefs regarding abortion are relevant since it would be up to the people in their state.

3. You're CHOOSING to ignore potential because of an irrelevant personal belief of someone else. I just pointed out a fallacious excuse... whether you like it or not.

4. I've used that same quote in a post I wrote... you should check it out.

5. Which principle is more important to you? Promoting the cause of liberty at every chance you get and avoiding the sabotage of that potential OR voting for who you want as president regardless of whether they can win or not?

Yes... that's the choice you're making.

The ONLY way you can choose the latter is if you convince yourself that you're not sabotaging the cause of liberty... which you clearly would be... as explained in the linked post.

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