Comment: But Ayn Rand Failed to live up to her philosphy

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But Ayn Rand Failed to live up to her philosphy

of self sustaining independence. For years and years I too was for complete and total independence. I still am but a little more tampered now with some reality mixed in. The fact is that not every person is as capable in every area of life as others are. About 80% of people are followers. They can't help it, it is their nature. That type of person can go to work every day at the same job for years and years. They can live in the same house, same neighborhood, do the same things over and over and be content. They don't do well making changes or climbing mountains, sky diving or world travel. It is how most people are, followers. They tend to be drawn to dynamics with charisma. Almost all movements are led by a charismatic. People are drawn to them. Not by their ideologies. Ron Paul had charisma but failed to take a true leadership role.

But back to Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand espoused a philosophy of fierce individual freedom and self reliance. I agree with that as much as it is possible. Because as a society we do rely on each other in many ways. Also a well run Government is needed to keep a level playing field. Equal opportunity etc...

But Ayn Rand failed to live up to her self reliance. She was stricken with cancer late in life from her two pack a day cigarette habit. She wound up on the public dole after having exhausted her funds fighting this cancer. This allowed her to live out her life with some dignity. Though I don't know if she held her head high since she apparantly tried to hide that fact from public scrutiny. I can see why since she so strongly chastised anyone taking any public money. So she failed as so many do. Most bankruptcies are filed because of health related expenses. So if you are healthy now, feeling strong and fearless? I hope you persevere in your endeavors. But don't have a disabling accident or a disease of some kind that could cripple you for life. So where are you now? In the same place as Ayn Rand? On the dole? Perhaps?

So how far do we carry this Liberty movement?

Do we eliminate all Governance of any kind. All public services?
Everything privatized?

Do we eliminate public streets?
Public roads and highways?
Public Police departments?
Fire Departments?
Public Schools?
Public Works?
Public Road Maintenance?
Public water?

Do we have to hire labs and scientists to test our water and air ourselves individually?

Do you want to pay a toll to a private company every time you drive on a street?

I could go on but I must get some sleep.