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Arrogant much?

#1 and 3 - It is only your opinion that the abortion issue is irrelevant. It's very relevant to me...whether you like it or not! LOL It's only your opinion that the abortion issue is a gray area. In other words, who are you to say what's irrelevant and/or gray??? What makes you think that your opinion is any more important than anyone else's opinion??

#2 - While I agree that it's a states' rights' issue, I still would not vote for someone whose viewpoint RE abortion differs from my own; ditto on the issue of war(s). Those two issues are the most important to me.

#4 I've used that quote in the past, as well. I clicked on the link--it takes me to a thread penned by you. There it appears you are also trying to sway others to your way of thinking. It does not seem to be working.

#5 I cannot answer--Johnson just does not fit either scenario IN MY OPINION!! Voting for Johnson would not be promoting the cause of liberty, nor would it be a scenario of me voting for whom I wanted to be president...

Well, it's after 2 AM and I have appointments tomorrow it's off to bed I go...

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