Comment: yeah well this stinks of eugenics

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yeah well this stinks of eugenics

This is akin to saying "Human's are parasites upon the earth." Liberals get all tingly believing this. It makes them feel righteous and illuminated. But guess what, by believing this, it is like believing you should be exterminated. After all, you must exterminate the parasites so that the host may be healthy and live.

It's no accident that Margret Sanger was a raging racist and her main cause was Planned Parenthood. Her mission in life was to kill as many little black babies as possible. Hillary Clinton admires Margret Sanger...did you know that?

For those few of you who may actually think the eugenicists have a point about us being over populated and parasitic on our fine earth.... They want to kill you too. You are not in the in crowd and neither is anyone in your family or likely anyone you know or have ever known.