Comment: You know what'd be perfect?

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You know what'd be perfect?

Whenever there is a film that's "based on a true story", the closing credits give us updates on the characters and events that have taken place since the ending of the film.

This is a novel, but it would awaken so many if at the closing credits, they placed a timeline beginning with The Constitution, and then marking significant events such as the creation of the Federal Reserve, The Tonkin Gulf incident, JFK coincidentally being assassinated after stating he would expose TPTB - with witness collaborations, 9/11 leading us into the "war on terror" with the resulting Patriot Act, NDAA, HR 347, NDRP, the various attempts to censor and restrict the internet, and our own gov't (Hillary and Barrack) along with the UN in trying to disarm us, ending with how the die-bold machines can be manipulated and documenting several instances of election fraud.