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Just to expand on my initial

Just to expand on my initial comment a bit...

It's wrong for the US Gov to occupy other nations.

It's wrong for individuals who think they should be able to do it too with foreclosed homes (that someone else owns, be it the bank or maybe your neighbor who is holding the mortgage).

It's wrong to imply that homeless veterans are somehow more deserving of a home than anyone else who is homeless. What about homeless kids? Homeless seniors? Homeless disabled? Or homeless veterans who were forced to served via a draft versus those who served voluntarily in order to get college money, have a job, food & other fringe benefits. I know plenty who have joined voluntarily and sadly not a single one of them did it because they wanted to serve their country. It usually seems to be out of desperation (to not end up homeless without food), to get a home & other fringe benefits for their family or to get college money. No one has ever said "because I love this country" after I asked why they were joining. Many of these vets have also violated their oaths to our Constitution by obeying unconstitutional orders. Anyhow, if it was a good idea it should be applied equally to anyone who is homeless.