Comment: Here's a better idea: 1.

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Here's a better idea: 1.

Here's a better idea:

1. Release all non-violent drug offenders (who did not violate the rights of others) from prison. It seems to me that medical treatment might be more suitable for people who insist on hurting themselves, but not prison. Give them all a presidential pardon & decriminalize.

2. Release all non-violent criminals who pose no threat to others & let them serve their terms imprisoned in their homes with those ankle bracelet devices & curfews. Maybe make their penalty outside of prison a little less comfortable by somehow identifying them to others in society as a criminal (like a DUI temporary long-term tattoo on their foreheads, etc).

3. Consolidate the remaining criminal prison population to minimize required number of prisons and vacate the rest.

4. Turn the prisons that are then empty into housing for the homeless. Nothing too fancy (don't spend crazy money on upgrades), just remove the bars/fences/barbed wire & enable for a private space which would be a safe place to sleep and being able to have a roof over their heads.

Every non-violent prisoner released would save the gov taxpayers 25-30k per year on average. Facility could be funded by donations and optional rent from the homeless (only what they can afford with $0 still being okay, their choice). The point would not be to turn it into a money pit for the gov but to save big money while also helping to solve the growing homeless problem at minimal cost.