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Comment: Points of general contention

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Points of general contention

Points of general contention with the above, recognising you are asking questions, not necessarily stating a viewpoint:

'Follower': Such a perjorative term, influenced by Rand's own Nietzschean uber-mensch philosophy, in which people like Eddie Williers self-describe themselves as 'serfs'. This is one of the things that led me away from Objectivism - it's elitism.

Liberty everywhere and always equals libertarian anarchism, and only that - which rules Dr Paul out for a start.

There is nothing wrong with 'public' services if people freely choose it, nothing wrong with 'public' health care if people freely choose it. Contrariwise, the reason so many face bankruptcy because of health care costs is because or corporatism elevating the prices, with the government, medical providers, and insurers rubbing each others backs.

However, it also has to be said that Objectivism, pace the mythical Galt's Gulch, does not build communities, it only breeds Stirnerites solely concerned with #1, as can be seen from posts on the DP. I was surprised at how markedly different von Mises is on these issues, and how much more compatible with Christianity his philosophy is, compared to Rand's. As Zig Ziglar points out, speaking about being in business: it's not all about me, it's all about service.

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