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If, and only if, Goldstein

If, and only if, Goldstein did say that, I sure hope for him that he meant it only as a tasteless joke.

I can't think of anyone in their sane mind to say such a thing while being serious.

Otherwise, that'd be very offensive... to the Jews. Indeed, I can't quite imagine what kind of statement could ever be more arrogant than that (if meant seriously, and not as a joke). Or would that be, by a strange inversion of values, that arrogance is now to be seen as a virtue, per such statements ? That would be rather eerie, if one asks me.

Anyway. To my point :

As a Christian, I had to get used, from young age, to seeing my faith mocked and/or despised on a regular basis and various occasions. School, with atheist and socialist teachers, on TV with mainstream entertainment, etc. Bah, it isn't such a big deal compared to actual physical violence for instance, that nobody deserves to be victim of.

Interestingly, though, the same who find this or that Christian religion so prone to being corrupted by superstition and violence (which I both condemn, clearly), and mocking or despising it as such, are the same who won't tolerate the same in return (which no true Christian should or will do, anyway, from my PoV) ...

Yet, further, who also tend to impose on the people masses' minds, as I could observe frequently, that nothing has done greater harm to humanity than the harm caused by the various Christian religious wars (where just one war alone is always one too many anyway, granted).

But there, however, I beg to differ.

I don't quite buy into this theory that Christianity and its false religions has been the main cause of horror on this planet ALL the way long, for 2000+ years. I am sorry. Especially not, say, "recently".

Thus, I would kindly suggest those folks to lookup this interesting word, "democide", and the related "achievements" that were performed all throughout the 20th century alone.

I think that will be a good start for them to get a hopefully better clue, and so that they can get, finally ! their facts straight.

The peace loving Christian that I am will always appreciate infinitely such friendly efforts to fix one's own ignorance, towards more fair grounds of discussions on the horrors that mankind ought to never do again in the future.

And back to the OP's topic.

This point I just made is the rationale which makes me believe that bringing this topic in the way it is presented in the article, does nothing much, IMO, but mostly to contribute to an ENGINEERED confusion on the actual, most worrisome issues for humanity, those which we should be much more concerned with, AFAICT.

Bear, and Peace.

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