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The assumption of your question seems to be that someone conned you. I don't see that you have any basis for that.

(1) They said you/we were donating to send a certain number of brochures. You/we knew the price up front. There is every indication that they delivered on what they agreed to provide.

(2) The fact that their efforts (and ours) did not turn into a win for Ron Paul or (equivalently) turn the sentiments of the Republican party or the country, can hardly be laid at the feet of the brochure guys.

(3) The fact that states were not covered, it seems to me, is the result of too few committing their funds to the project rather than the fault of the brochure guys.

(4) It may be discouraging that they didn't show up and hand out brochures at the convention. I can see your point there. There certainly have been a lot of people lose enthusiasm for various reasons. One of the main reasons was that the campaign announced there was little or no hope to win and it was no longer going to campaign (long before the convention). I guess I can understand throwing in the towel concerning campaigning under those circumstances too. Can you?

It seems pretty simple to me. They told us exactly what they were providing and they delivered. They didn't promise that we would win. They did claim that their brochure was potentially more effective than other efforts, and as far as I can see, no one has any basis to refute that claim even now.

Did you ever think to ask the question, why did the campaign quit just when crowds at rallies and momentum were at their peak?