Comment: Presumably the $400 you "gave" was in exchange for SB's.

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Presumably the $400 you "gave" was in exchange for SB's.

If you received what you paid for then why should you demand an accounting of how the money was spent?

Do you demand an accounting from your friendly car dealer when you buy a car of how he spent the price of the car? Do you demand an accounting from your local supermarket of how they spent the money you gave them in exchange for your groceries? Do you demand an accounting from your tailor when you buy a suit of how he spent the money you paid for the suit?

Are you beginning to see the outlandish nature of your demand? In any event I personally investigated the Super Brochure project and was very supportive of it. Being a foreign citizen I could not participate but since I spent many years in marketing i could see that it was a worthwhile project and those criticising it were simply uniformed about the nature and the influence of the project.

Many of the most voluble and vicious critics were also connected with the private contractor to the campaign who was running the slim jim and phone effort. Perhaps while you are at it you might demand an accounting of how much profit that company made and how effective was the phone followed by issue specific mailings. In my view all these things work together to get the message out there. It is mere speculation for the most part as to how effective each effort was. One might also make the same arguments for the television and web advertising. It is all in all a fruitless exercise. Each individual supported the effort they believed would be the most useful or served them most effectively. Presumably they received what they paid for and that is an end of it.

Eric has mentioned incidentally that they sent out four million SB's. The cost was $0.083 per brochure so the total revenues for the brochures were $332,000. This had to cover the cost of the design, layout, printing and production costs. On top of that were the personnel involved and the transportation (not the postage). Perhaps you have some idea of what is involved in a project of this nature. I do because I have been involved in many of them.

The $0.083 is a very reasonable price and I know for certain that both Curt and Erik are very staunch supporters of Dr. Paul. No doubt at least some of these revenues were recycled into the campaign and many of the new supporters brought on board as a result of the mailings would also have become campaign contributors. My guess is the entire project was very much a net plus for the campaign efforts.

I also know that Erik mortgaged his family home to put together the start up funds for the project since it was his baby and he came up with the idea due to its success with another campaign he is involved with in memory of his father. All of these things you would be aware of had you taken the time to do some research on the project and its antecedents.

Erik and Curt declined to engage with all the negative attacks that have appeared on this forum simply because they viewed them as unproductive and destructive of Dr. Paul's Presidential goals. It is my understanding that they are now offering SB's to any Constitutional liberty candidate who wishes to use them and from my perspective that is a good thing. In other words they are getting down to the business at hand and not wasting time defending themselves against attacks such as are represented by this post.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)