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What don't you understand about principle?

You can't get around it by espousing "common sense" repeatedly.
How do you defend that your common sense is better than mine? Or why not uncommon sense?

How does libertarianism (and who said I was libertarian) NOT acknowledge the long term or the human condition? I argue that this ambiguity and willingness to endorse polititcal action not based on a sound philosophy is short sighted.

On the issue itself,
If the government is the middleman in this voluntary agreement, then you are intending to use government resources to promote the event, yes? Whether it's money for advertising, money to cover the time/fuel of the government agent(s) employed in the matter. Which agency are you wanting to perform this negotiation service? Why are we just allocating these resources to one group? Isn't that unfair? Doesn't everyone who is the victim of social injustice deserve to have the government negotiate on their behalf?

If all you are saying is some public officials should make a statement in favor of your program on their own time, then so be it.