Comment: Your Whole Premise is WRONG

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Your Whole Premise is WRONG

First of all, virtually all "Gary Johnson supporters" on this site ARE "Ron Paul supporters." We are the freedom movement, and some of us, like me, for example, have been at this for decades. Some on here even voted for Ron Paul when he ran in 1988, or have supported his Congressional campaigns even though not in his district (I first met Ron Paul when he was making friends and allies touring the Libertarian Party conventions).

There is no need whatsoever to CHOOSE between them. In fact, you don't even have to choose everything they stand for if you don't agree with everything. You don't even have to choose between them on the ballot, because only one of them will be on it.

When it comes to choosing sides, the choice is between freedom and slavery.

That said, you're correct that peace is the goal. We ought to be able to form coalitions and work together ("unity" might be a bit difficult).

What do you think?