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now I'm gonna upvote :)

... cause Stewart popped in to say hi. Hi Stewart ... nice to have you here brother. One area of psy-ops by government clickers is to stir up division. In today's world division is everywhere and certainly getting a little more sophisticated and more evil. Behind this campaign against liberty you'll find the super-wealthy so-called "elite" eugenics cult and behind them there's likely something even darker, kinda like that huge ball of fire in the movie "Fifth Element".

Here on Earth we see scary advances in robot-warrior technology:

... at the same time rumors of foreign troops massing inside our borders and inside word that a new false-flag is "going hot":

... as the Persian Gulf is on a hair-trigger:

... the rumors of Obama playing the old "October surprise" card have plenty of dots being connected. If a new massive false-flag attack occurs the Oathkeepers and all patriots may be all that stand between our seemingly peaceful nation and total despotism beyond comprehension:

Imagine smart bombs being delivered to your doorstep by unmanned Reaper drones. Imagine unmanned 18-wheelers pull into your little peaceful town like the beginning of "Red Dawn" then the back door swings open and robot dogs designed to hunt humans autonomously run out the back and begin killing all life. Then you'll need to watch "Terminator" for the hellish nightmare that would be "the land formerly known as the USA"...

Thanks for all that you are doing on the "front lines" in our campaign for liberty. Let's get "A Noble Lie" into the hands of all law enforcement officers across the country.

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