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Johnson might have some

Johnson might have some libertarian leanings, but let's be honest. He has been a member of the republican party a lot longer than the libertarian party. He only joined the Lib party after he withdrew his bid for the rep presidential bid. I really could care less what party he belongs to, just wanted to point that out. I care more about his stances and philosophy of government, which he does not stand in line with most of the issues I hold dear. Stay vigilant on the war on terror, no thanks. Keep guantanamo open, no thanks. End all foreign aid, except to Israel, no thanks. NAFTA/CAFTA, no thanks. End the income tax, but replace it, no thanks. I could go on, but I won't. Sure, he might sound a little bit better than romney/obama, but that's like asking if I want one black eye or two.