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make the Statement

The liberty movement has coalesced around Ron Paul. Unfortunately, politics is the venue for future success. Please accept this and act accordingly.

Politics necessarily involves compromise. Not compromise of principle – Dr. Paul has demonstrated as much over 30 years – but rather compromise of strategy and priorities.

Neither Paul nor Johnson will be elected this year. Yet let us use the 2012 election to make this Statement to the country and even to ourselves: WE ARE HERE TO STAY. The Statement must be quantifiable and reported in the media, or it fails to be stated.

No politician or leader – not even Dr. Paul – believes exactly what I believe or would do exactly as I would do. A vote for anyone other than oneself is a compromise of strategy and priorities – but not a compromise of one’s principles.

A write in vote for Dr. Paul will not be counted or reported. We can best make the Statement by voting for Gary Johnson, as imperfect as he may be. God bless Ron Paul.