Comment: It's a comparison between Republicans and Democrats...

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It's a comparison between Republicans and Democrats...

which both have grown the government. Despite what Republicans claim, they have traditionally been for big government. Even Ronald Reagan only talked the talk. Government has expanded under ALL of the administrations.

For instance, one of the greatest assaults on small government came from none other than Richard Nixon - the Republican that "temporarily" took us off of the gold standard. (See this link - - for a graph that shows how that decision lead to the ballooning federal debt)

The only significant small government measures that have been taken in the last 100 years were the lack of action taken by Harding in 1920 and the large decrease in taxation following WWII. Both had astounding results towards repairing the economy.

So, to put it bluntly, only the rhetoric between the two major parties are different. The policies are the same.