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Oh come on

Saying that a candidate said "a lot of nice things" is a small step better than saying "his hair looked good." Go listen to that response *in context*, and compare it to what he said about Johnson *in context*, and pay attention to his tone. He's damning Romney with faint praise there.

You're right (and this seems to be important to a lot of people so let's be very clear about this) that Ron Paul did not *endorse* Gary Johnson. Those who are looking for marching orders will have to wait, and should prepare for the possibility that they may have to think for themselves as a last resort.

What he actually *did* say, when asked whether he would endorse Johnson, was "I think he’s wonderful, and I think he’s doing a good job and people should look at him and every individual should make up his own mind." So if you're waiting for Ron Paul to tell you what to do, he said you "should look at" Gary Johnson, and he got you started by saying that *he* thinks Gary Johnson is "wonderful" and "doing a good job." And again this "look at" Gary Johnson comment was in the context of who to vote for.

BTW if you're suggesting that Ron Paul is still trying to get onto the ballot this November, on any ticket, you're twisting his words.