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Comment: Where I am, we purchased a

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Where I am, we purchased a

Where I am, we purchased a lot of this "product" and distributed it with great effect. What the hell are you complaining about? Oh dear... did these people make profit by providing a product which people made a choice to purchase.. and also which happened to be in line with a subject they are passionate about? By Zeus, these people might be dirty Capitalists!

You do realize where you are posting right? We aren't on here bullhorning the virtues of sacrifice. Every single person on here is a supporter of the cause because they are trying to profit from their work. For some, that profit takes the form of freedom, security for the future of their families, and even for straight up monetary gain. Whatever motivates one to excell and add to the cause is A-okay in my book. In the case of these gentlemen who supplied the Super Brochure, they profited both financially and in knowing they were doing something to help win their own freedom. We are capitalists, we do not sacrifice. We trade value for value. Our blood, sweat, and tears in exchange for the proportionate amount we value freedom.

I made signs which I sold for the cause. I gave a discount sure, but I made money. If I hadn't I wouldn't be in business. You think Super Brocures are free? There's equipment, the cost of renting the facilities, the cost of labor, ink, paper, the education costs needed to be proficient, the taxes owed for working, etc etc. Please go learn economics and quit with the soviet bullshit of harping on people who make a profit for their work.